Micropross is a leading company in the supply of test and personalization tools for the smartcard industry. Active since 1979, our company features an in-house R&D center, as well as our own production facilities, which means, from initial design of a tool, until its final delivery, everything is under our control.

The cornerstone of Micropross activity, is the design of solutions for engineers looking for tools to qualify, or certify their products and prototypes against a given specifi cation. Our technology covers the whole spectrum of the smartcard industry, in all possible use cases: we supply protocol analysers, terminal simulators, smartcard simulators, for both contact (ISO 7816, SWP, microSD, …) and contactless (ISO 14443, ISO 15693, ICAO, NFC …) technologies. Depending on the customer requirements, we can supply turnkey solutions, including hardware and automated test cases (for both analog and digital test plans).

Micropross is also a world class supplier of production tools. Designed to be integrated inside production machines (test handlers, personalization machines …), our tools make it possible to, in addition to perform card personalization, perform comprehensive physical tests on the produced smartcards. Our tools cover contact, contactless and dual interface technologies.

Micropross also actively participates to the definition of the standards used in the industry by actively participating to various standardization committees, including the NFC Forum. Present at a global scale, thanks to its dense distribution and support network, Micropross proposes the widest coverage in terms of smartcard oriented characterization tools, and is therefore your quality partner for all your testing needs.


33 rue Gantois
59000 Lille


Stéphane Czeck
Phone: +33 3 20 74 66 30
Fax: +33 3 20 74 66 35
Email: sczeck@micropross.com

More details can be found under: http://www.micropross.com/