Just in time for June’s Identity Week Europe in Amsterdam, we are releasing VAULT #36. Our focus for this issue – SECORA™ ID from Infineon. Well, it is IDENTITY Week Europe after all…

In this issue Mühlbauer shows us how a revolution can be done right – using the launch of the Mozambique eVisa Platform as an example. Mühlbauer’s Kuggeneswary takes us through the background and process of bringing this amazing platform to life and the benefits that can be brought to a country if such a revolutionary system can be executed in the right way.

In other news, AUSTRIACARD Holdings has announced their listing on the Vienna and Athens Stock Exchange. About time too!

Wibu-Systems is writing about horses. Actually, not true. It’s Horses for Courses: Picking the right Licence Container. Creating the perfect licensing and protection system is not easy. Or is it? With Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter, Daniela Previtali explains how it is perfectly simple to pick and mix the right tools for the job, from different encryption tools for various languages and development environments, to multiple license delivery and management means or a choice of licensing models to suit every business model.

As I said earlier – This issue’s focus is SECORA™ ID from Infineon. Markus Moesenbacher explains why SECORA™ ID is Making Noise in the ID Market. SECORA™ is Infineon’s industry-recognized family of one-stop security solutions with integrated operating system (OS) and packages (contactless, contact based or dual interface) providing a cost-efficient way to fast and agile implementations. It is based on a solid chip platform, which is highly secured and reliable, as well as easy to install and delivering best price- performance ratio. No wonder so many users are talking about it. In this article, Markus explains why.

Not to be outdone on the SECORA™ side, Klaus Schmeh from Eviden offers an article looking at Eviden’s Cryptovisions ePasslet Suite on SECORA™ ID. To implement eID applications on a SECORA™ ID chip, the framework cryptovision ePasslet Suite by Eviden can be used. Klaus explains this product provides a set of applets for all popular usage scenarios – including authentication and digital signatures – and also allows for developing new applications. Version 4 of cryptovision ePasslet Suite, which will soon be launched, is going to further improve the use of this product on SECORA™ ID v2.

Issue 36 can be digitally download from this link (or from the ‘Resources’ dropdown menu on the from of the site). A print version will be available at IDW2023 in Amsterdam from the 13th to the 14th June and don’t forget to visit our partner booths from Masktech, Melzer, Mühlbauer, Eviden, Infineon, AdvanIDe, Thales, Idemia, OVD Kinegram and HID during the event.

See you there!

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