charismathics, the world market leader in agnostic PKI middleware, continues to be committed transferring digital identities onto mobile platforms. The company now announced iEnigma for BlackBerry, porting the successful smart phone application to the large market of mobile handsets of the Canadian phone maker RIM.

iEnigma fully turns the smart phone into a smart card and avoids investments in smart card readers, expensive USB keys or other hardware by the simplest Bluetooth connection ever. It thereby ensures security for both the computer, and also supports the remote use of the applications that reside on the smart phone itself. iEnigma also extends the use of Identity Management Systems to full hands-free operations of the user and allows for much higher flexibility for authentication setups. With optional extensions such as secure microSD cards or NFC connectors the application provides full flexibility for any kind or size of IT environment, and can be adopted by single users, too.

iEnigma fully integrates into the charismathics product portfolio. It increases the security level with Secure PIN Entry, end-to-end Secure Channel messaging and a full integration into the BlackBerry crypto interfaces, without compromising user convenience. iEnigma also plugs seamlessly into existing identity management architectures, without altering processes or users patterns. The smart phone application from charismathics supports all regular PKI applications on computers and smart phones such as user logon, VPN clients and mail clients, web browsers and Single-Sign-On systems, which can then be used with the utmost confidence regardless of the today’s mobility and the Internet access point. In fact, iEnigma is the only smart phone PKI application worldwide.

iEnigma allows to configure where to save the user credentials as well. The application supports soft tokens, Secure Elements serving NFC interfaces, SIM cards and any type or vendor of microSD flash drives or secure microSD cards. It also allows connecting external smart card readers via Bluetooth. This way the application is agnostic to telecom carriers and hardware vendors of smart cards, SD cards and smart card readers.

As charismathics has often confirmed its commitment into all major smart phone platforms, the product has conquered the interest of large corporations, trend scouts and even single users as to the combination of simplicity and security at the highest level.

Sven Gossel, Managing Director of charismathics states: “The year 2011 probably was one of the most driving ones for the privacy of users and organizations”. He reminds about the RSA token hack, Apple´s privacy troubles and Facebook fighting in-between their business case and user concerns. “iEnigma is the very product to turn those complex privacy web issues into simplicity for the user.”

The software comes both in a standard version for consumers and as a fully configurable enterprise product, but can also be customized and integrated into third party applications. Banks, Certificate Authorities and Internet Service Providers will thus be able to utilize iEnigma along with their product or service offering, tackling the incumbent use of much weaker technologies such as OTP or username and password. charismathics is currently extending iEnigma also to Android and Apple smart phones in the upcoming months.

At the Cartes & Identification exhibition in Paris, Nov 15-17, charismathics is going to install iEnigma directly on the BlackBerry of all its visitors. They will then have a chance to see the PKI application in action and experience all its features first hand.

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