Gemalto announced it has won the IT Security Sesames award for Just4YourEyes™. The winning innovation was distinguished at the 2011 CARTES & IDentification industry fair and is being showcased on the Gemalto booth, Hall 3, entrance.

This Sesames award recognizes Gemaltos expertise in securing cloud computing for enterprise applications,” commented Tan Teck-Lee, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer. “Gemaltos secure cloud services meet the increasing need to access corporate content on-the-go, while easing digital rights and identities management.”



Proud owner of another Sesame: Gemalto

Just4YourEyes is a first-of-its-kind software solution which enhances secure access to emails from a variety of devices, including tablets, smartphones or laptops, using the cloud for securely sharing a common credential. The solution allows for any mobile device or a secure element (such as a UICC or secure memory card) in that device, to act as a single repository to store the PKI credentials required to encrypt or sign emails. Those credentials can be accessed remotely by the email client, native or web-based, via a secure cloud service, removing the need to store secret keys on multiple devices. Just4YourEyes is the first and only solution to enable nomadic access to email securely from multiple terminals leveraging a single credential source across cloud access. This unique model is a pioneering key milestone towards a truly secure cloud-based eco-system.



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