Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a provider of biometric identity solutions, announced today that it has been certified as one of the first suppliers of biometric devices for India’s unique identification (UID) program. This milestone signifies that the company has successfully completed a rigorous two-step certification process and has received the Certificate of Approval from the Indian Government to continue to supply the program.

Cross Match received the Certificate of Approval for its rugged and dependable Guardian fingerprint capture device and the I SCAN dual iris capture device on October 7, 2011. Both systems utilize Cross Match’s patented Auto Capture feature, which quickly captures high-quality images with minimal operator involvement.

The Certificate of Approval, which is valid for three years, was issued after completion of all tests required to demonstrate compliance with the quality requirements of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The certification body consists of the Standardization, Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) Directorate for the Government of India’s Department of Information Technology (DIT) and the UIDAI.

The tests performed by the STQC included the following criteria: Physical & Dimensional, Image Quality, Environmental (Durability/Climatic), Safety, EMI/EMC, Security, Functional, Performance, Interoperability, Ease of Use & Ergonomics.

“We are pleased to learn that the Cross Match Guardian and I SCAN devices have fulfilled the stringent UIDAI test requirements and received this critical certification,” explains David Buckley, CEO of Cross Match. “Today’s milestone demonstrates that Cross Match, as a global leader in image quality and performance, and its Indian partner for the UID program, Smart Identity Devices Pvt. Ltd. (Smart ID), are ideally suited to help make this historic project a reality.”

“The program is both ambitious and incredibly large in terms of scale and potential impact,” Buckley notes. “It is designed to biometrically enroll the entire population of India so that up to 600 million of its citizens can come out of the shadows and lead a better life through access to fundamental benefits and services.”

Nirmal Prakash, Managing Director of Smart ID added, “Cross Match products are best-in-class, which is evidenced by a majority of the UIDAI certified enrollment agencies use of the devices across India. We are confident that this certification will further facilitate leveraging our joint expertise and ability to offer the best solutions in support of the Nation’s revolutionary project.”

Cross Match was also the first company to receive the Provisional Certificate for use in the UID program in September, 2010. This certificate marked the first step of the certification process and was the prerequisite for the deployment of fingerprint and iris scanners for the enrollment process. Cross Match and Smart ID have fielded over 20,000 fingerprint and iris scan devices to date for the UID program and other Indian Government initiatives.

More information about the UID program is available in the official UID video featuring the Cross Match Guardian and I SCAN devices.


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