In an ongoing series of business successes in the driver’s license and car registration business worldwide, Digital Identification Solutions AG has been awarded three more prestigious contracts in this important market segment, with one in the United States, one in Asia and another in the Middle East.

“Thanks to our partner, L-1 Identity, in the United States, our DISO US office has been able to close the driver’s license order for the State of Tennessee. With this new order, our company will provide secure personalization solutions for a 5th consecutive state in the USA”, says Gerd Schaefer, CEO of the Germany based DISO group. “Another driver’s license project in Asia is currently in the rollout phase in the country of Myanmar, driven by our local partner in Yangon and supported out of our Singaporean operations. Lastly, in the Middle East, a car registration project for the Sultanate of Oman, has been obtained by our local Omani partner, and is being deployed under the supervision of our Dubai based infrastructure”, Schaefer adds.

The three projects will account for several hundred new personalization systems and millions of US Dollars in revenue during the initial rollout phase and with the future supplies business. “While all three of these project orders are very important to us, and demonstrate the strength of our company to support customer needs in various parts of the world by using different personalization technologies, the case of Oman is especially satisfying for us”, Schaefer comments. “In Oman, we had the car registration project previously until three years ago. Then we lost it temporarily to another worldwide operating company. Now the customer ‘came back home’ to DISO. The outstanding reliability of our personalization solutions as well as our unique productivity features, such as Advanced IPM (Advanced Intelligent Printer Management), offered compelling reasons for them to renew their relationship with our company”.

The company is currently working on the closure of more such large-scale projects and is expecting to publish additional information about them soon.


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