HJP Consulting is expanding the GlobalTester Software™ for the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in order to implement the conformity tests for the new German ID card and the associated reading devices.

Following successful use with the conformity tests for e-passports, the BSI will once again be using the GlobalTester™ platform to evaluate the test specifications provided by the BSI for the new ID card: in accordance with TR 03105 Part 3.3.-3.4 and TR 03110 for ID card tests as well as TR 03105 Part 5.2; TR 03110 and TR 03119 for ID card reader tests. Through working together with all accredited test laboratories and the industry, this will lead to a significant increase in the quality of the technical guideline. As part of the test laboratory accreditation process, the GlobalTester™ tools provided by HJP Consulting will also be approved for performing the formal conformity tests. Since March 2010, accredited test laboratories and all relevant providers of EAC 2.0-compliant smartcard applications have already been using the test tool GT Prove ePA for testing layers 6 & 7. The test tool GT Prove ePA-R for testing all reading device variants (class S, B and K) including an ID card simulator for EAC 2.0 applications will be offered on the market from 1 July 2010 by HJP Consulting following approval by the BSI.

The GlobalTester™ is a test and diagnostics tool which is primarily used by governments, test laboratories and the industry for testing contactless smart card applications for official documents and their associated reading devices worldwide.

The GlobalTester™ is based on the GT TestManager, which is freely available as an open source project at www.globaltester.org. The specific test tools for testing e-passports and passport applications are available within the GlobalTester community as licensed products of the vendor HJP Consulting.


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